crystalbedI first became interested in crystals and the crystal bed idea when I was in flight to Southern California to become an Angel Therapy Practitioner® with training from Dr. Doreen Virtue. I was reading one of her books, in which she describes her own crystal bed experience. I have not been that interested in crystal healing, so I knew very little about it. Nonetheless, I started looking for a crystal bed to add to my healing practice in Austin.

My new near obsession took me researching around the globe where I found a variety of information on the subject, but not much in the way of a bed to purchase. As I tuned into my guides, I began to receive information on the construction and use of my own design for a crystal bed.

I carefully logged all the events and information into one document that ended after 15 months with 9,999 words and the construction of this one of a kind crystal healing bed. The science and strategy of the crystal bed lies in the life and works of Dr. Marcel Vogel, the teachings of Doreen Virtue, the ancient healing beliefs held in Crystal Singing Bowls and my own information from my guides.

I was guided to build into the bed international symbols of love, Michael’s Gate (as described in ‘Wings of Heaven’ and Vogel® cut and Amma blessed crystals. The Harmonic Crystal Healing Bed combines Crystal healing, light therapy and sound vibrations integrated into one unique healing session.

Not being a scientist or doctor myself, I had my own skeptical radar going throughout the process, even though I maintained a belief that the crystal bed would be a success. As I went, I discovered the science and information that was unknowingly built into this bed.